Wellness Routines

purpose-built for your pup

Chill Pup

Support your pup through stressful moments with Calming Aid + daily Multivitamin / Probiotic

Pretty Pup

Treat your pooch to a luxurious coat with daily Skin & Coat + Multivitamin / Probiotic

Active Pup

Nurture joint mobility and tissue repair with daily Hip & Joint + Multivitamin / Probiotic

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Calming Aid

Help your pup through stressful times the natural way with organic herbs, chamomile & melatonin


A nutritional foundation of essential vitamins, healthy Omega-3s & living probiotics

Hip & Joint

The ultimate trio for joint support and tissue repair — Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM

Skin & Coat

Promote healthy skin and a shiny coat with Wild Alaskan Salmon oil, Omega-3s & Biotin


Pre- and probiotic blend for healthy poops, proper digestion, and a more comfortable dog.