Allergy & Itch

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Allergy & Itch

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90 Soft Chews

Powered by colostrum, quercetin, and bee propolis - clinically researched ingredients to help support your dog's allergies, itching, and immune response.

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The allergy support your dog's been itching for.

Product summary

Allergy & Itch

Specifically formulated to support allergies, itching, gut health, and overall immune defense, Finn’s Allergy & Itch supplement helps maintain normal histamine levels and soothe common skin-related issues associated with allergies.

Supports Seasonal Allergies

Colostrum and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil maintain normal histamine levels and soothe skin-related issues.

Enhances Immune Health

Bee Propolis' powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties balance and enhance the immune system.

Healthy Inflammatory Response

Quercetin and Bromelain work synergistically to maintain a normal inflammatory response.

A Healthy, Happy Tummy

FOS and probiotics combine to help your dog digest food more easily and comfortably, supporting a normal detoxification process.

Active Ingredients Per Chew

Colostrum (Bovine)

300 mg

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

100 mg

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

100 mg


50 mg

Bee Propolis

10 mg

Bacillus Coagulans

250M CFU


10 GDU

Hand holding supplements

How often should I give this to my dog?

Hand holding supplements


Suggested Use:

Administer 1 soft chew daily per 25lbs of body weight.

1 - 25 lbs

1 Soft Chew

26 - 50 lbs

2 Soft Chews

51 - 75 lbs

3 Soft Chews

Over 75 lbs

4 Soft Chews

Our suggested daily intake for pups, from Yorkies to Great Danes and all the fuzzballs in between.

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Loved by Pets, Endorsed by Vets

Dr. Kerri Nelson, DVM, PGRS-C

Finn prioritizes the best quality ingredients and makes it easy for pet owners to find supplements that will benefit their companion animals.”

Dr. Kerri Nelson, DVM, PGRS-C

How We’re Different

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NASC Certified

We are fully certified with the National Animal Supplement Council, and manufacture exclusively with NASC-certified Preferred Suppliers.

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Clean Ingredients, No Artificial Fillers

We use clean binding agents like organic honey and avoid artificial fillers like cellulose powder, palm oil, or gumming agents.

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Sustainably Driven

Our love for dogs extends to Mother Earth too. Our soft chews are packaged in beautiful eco-friendly tins recyclable into perpetuity, and are consciously formulated with sustainable ingredients.

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Maximum Nutrition

Our soft chews are made through cold-press extrusion, using very low temperatures to preserve maximum nutrient potency in each chew.


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