Bone Broth Plus

Superfood meal topper

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Bone Broth Plus

Superfood meal topper

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Keep your dog’s mobility in peak condition with our tasty superfood topper – packed with collagen & amino acids to promote joint health and long-term vitality.

Keep Fido Movin’

Product summary

Getting ahead of joint and mobility issues is key to keeping your dog active and comfortable later in life. Bone Broth Plus is here to help.

Promotes mobility & longevity

Naturally boosts hip & joint health

Vital support for active & aging dogs

Rich in collagen & essential amino acids

Only 6 Ingredients
Beef Bone Broth Beef Bone Broth
Apple Apple
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato
Sunflower Sunflower
Tumeric Tumeric
Blueberry Blueberry

We're loving this topper for our old dog – he's been running up stairs again and has never enjoyed mealtime more!

Loved by pups

How To Use

  • arrowBroth
  • arrowTopper
  • arrowBaked Treat
  • arrowPupsicle
  • arrowLick Mat

Mix with warm water to create a nourishing broth, enhancing both the flavor of your dog’s food & their health-span

Sprinkle over food for a protein-powered boost to fuel your dog’s active lifestyle


Bake Bone Broth into tasty treats that put a spring in your doggo’s step


Freeze Bone Broth into pupsicles that energize your pup while keeping them cool

Promote mobility & mental stimulation by serving bone broth on an enrichment feeder


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