Paw Hero

lick-safe paw balm

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Paw Hero

lick-safe paw balm

0 review

50G / 1.75OZ

Powered by plant-based ingredients, our all-weather superbalm heroically protects, nourishes, and repairs paws back to a healthy, happy state.

your pup’s paws need a hero

Apply Paw Hero daily as needed to rescue dry, weathered paws & defend against damage. Our lick-safe, plant-based formula absorbs quickly and won’t make your dog sick.

repairs & relieves

  • dry, cracked pads
  • allergies & itching
  • dermatitis
  • hot spots
  • wounds & abrasions
  • paw hyperkeratosis

7 super ingredients to the rescue!

  • arrowOlive Oil
  • arrowAvocado Oil
  • arrowChamomile
  • arrowWhite Beeswax
  • arrowAloe
  • arrowVitamin E
  • arrowSarsaparilla

Olive oil deeply hydrates paws and locks in moisture to soften dry, cracked skin. 

Avocado oil stimulates collagen production and decreases paw pad inflammation. 

Chamomile soothes itchy paws, relieves inflammation, and accelerates cell and tissue renewal. 

White Beeswax forms a natural protective barrier, sealing in moisture and shielding paws from environmental irritants and infections. 

Aloe is clinically proven to accelerate wound healing on paws with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Easily absorbed into skin, Vitamin E fights free radicals and rejuvenates sensitive paws.

Anti-inflammatory properties make Sarsaparilla an effective natural remedy for paw problems, itchiness, dermatitis, and minor abrasions.

Absolutely no:
  • no iconparabens
  • no iconphthalates
  • no icontoxins
  • no icondyes
  • no iconsulfates
  • no iconchemicals
  • no iconalcohol
  • no iconfragrances

dry, weathered paws
have met their match

before Paw Hero
after daily Paw Hero use
dog capedog cape standing
from heat, dirt, and allergies
Dog Palms
to snow, ice,
and salt

everyday armor for adventure-ready paws


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Satisfaction guarantee
100% risk free
Made in the USA
Made in a GMP facility
Grain free product
Natural ingredients