Pumpkin Plus

Superfood meal topper

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Pumpkin Plus

Superfood meal topper

0 review

Fix doggy digestion issues with this superfood topper packed with superfoods that boost gut health, relieve diarrhea, and soothe constipation.

Fast-Acting Digestive Relief

Product summary

Bark bye-bye to tummy troubles with our pumpkin-packed meal topper. Because every dog owner knows... sometimes, sh!t happens.

Prevent & relieve doggy diarrhea

Alleviate constipation & straining

Vet developed & recommended

Tasty topper or treat

Only 5 Ingredients
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Apple Apple
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato
Miscanthus Grass Miscanthus Grass
Blueberry Blueberry

If you’re looking to regulate your pup’s constipation or loose stools, look no further. Finn will do the trick with ingredients you’ll be proud to feed them.

Loved by pups

How To Use

  • arrowTopper
  • arrowPuree
  • arrowBaked Treat
  • arrowPupsicle
  • arrowLick Mat

Sprinkle powder over kibble for a fiber-filled mealtime boost


Mix with water for a fiber-packed puree perfect for hydrating kibble and calming tummy troubles


Bake into cookies for fiber-fueled treats that help with loose stools and support a healthy gut


Freeze puree into popsicles that keep your dog cool while fighting GI distress


Smear onto a lick-mat for a healthy distracting treat


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